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About Sweet & Laced Intimate Apparel

Sweet & Laced Intimate Apparel was established and created in 2021. Sweet & Laced was created from a place of grief, pain, and despair. Due to the sudden loss of my beautiful and beloved mother Mrs. Sweetie, whom passed in June of 2020. During the time of my mother's death I went into a very, very dark place. I had loss my very first  best friend and felt like there was no way out. In that dark place I went through many, many, changes. Which consist of mental,physical, and spiritually. I felt trapped in my feelings and my thoughts. While in my thoughts, I knew my mother wouldn't want this for me.


She would want for me to have happy memories and thoughts of her, and to come out of my depression. I can't say it was easy but I did just that. I often drift back there from time to time.To me my Mother was one of the sexiest and classiest women alive. So instead of continuing to wallow in my sorrow, I put my thinking cap on let my creative juices flow and gave birth to my baby Sweet & Laced Intimate Apparel "Where Sexiness Lies Below" I created Sweet & Laced Intimate Apparel for the everyday woman. No matter what you are going through you can still feel and be sexy. So with that being stated I introduce to you Sweet & Laced Intimate Apparel. Where our mission is to help you find your sexy place.

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